Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Last week some of our incredible students put together a fun run to support their teacher and my friend, Christy Dahlhauser.  She is having brain surgery on Thursday to remove as much of a tumor as possible so she can begin her fight against cancer.  I am praying that the Great Physician heals her completely and brings her family peace during the hard time.

Some of our teacher friends:)  Christy is on my left.
Friday night we went to the ball field to watch our friend Luke play baseball.  The big kids played on the playground while this little movie star hung out with me on the sidelines.
I took Caroline to her first birthday party for a school friend.  Natalie is her bestie!
Me and my patriotic girls.
lunch after church on the square
I ran my first race on Memorial Day with some of our neighborhood friends.  
It took me 33 minutes to finish the 5K.  Slow and steady may not win the race, but it completes it!
Apparently me getting up early to run a race wore my little girl out!
We hosted a neighborhood cookout on Monday afternoon.  
I love this candid of my 3 helpers talking and waiting for everyone to show up.

We stayed up way too late and when it was dark we lit sparklers.

It was a very busy Memorial Day weekend.  I am extremely thankful for the people who have sacrificed everything so that my friends and family are free to enjoy our lives so very much!

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