Monday, May 5, 2014

Friends and Family

Our weekend was full of friends and family time.  

Gabriella and Elizabeth played on the hill while they waited for Reese's bus to drop her off.
We eat at Laredo's A LOT!  It's yummy Mexican food and it's so close to home.  Friday night we ate there with some friends, 7 adults and 7 kids.  Fun times!
Elizabeth's very first time chewing gum.  I had to document her first gum ball!
The girls played "hair stylist" while they watched Nemo.

Bert's uncle was in town from California and it was his brother's birthday.  So we went to Villa Rica on Saturday for a cookout.  Uncle Jim lives on a golf course, so Nannie took the girls out to the green to teach them how to play!

On Sunday we walked to the square to eat lunch after church.  We are so blessed by such great friends, church friends, neighborhood friends, old friends, school friends.  I have always cherished my friends, and now I love how my girls love them too!

Bert and and his dad and uncle went to the Braves game on Sunday afternoon.  Reese, Elizabeth, Lola, and Vivian played "babies."  They are all great mamas!  
We are all so ready for summer so we can spend many lazy afternoons watching our kids play!

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