Friday, May 2, 2014

Caroline is Three!

Caroline, you are three-years-old and I can hardly believe it!  You are still very much my baby.  You even say, "I'm a baby and a big girl."  You are 100% a mama's girl and want me to carry you everywhere.  I'm trying to get better at making you separate from me, but I just love it so much! 
At your appointment yesterday, you weighed 36 pounds (90th percentile) and measured 39 1/2 inches tall (92nd percentile).  I am so excited because that means you will probably be tall enough (40 inches) to ride the same rides as your sister when we go to Disney World in 5 months!
You are wearing size 3t and 4t clothes and size 10 shoe.  The same as your sister at this age.  But your personalities are so very different.  I love having 2 girls that are so different but love each other so much!  
By this age Elizabeth was completely potty trained, even wearing big girl panties at night.  You are still 100% in a diaper.  Not even a pull-up!  You have absolutely no interest in going potty on the toilet.  Your pediatrician confirmed my thoughts that I need to just wait until you're ready.  If July comes and you're still not ready, I will start pushing it.  Right now, it doesn't really bother me.  We didn't get any awards for Elizabeth being potty trained so quickly!  Ha!
You are independent in a completely different way than your sister.  You like to be close to my side, but you can play completely on your own.  No matter what the other kids are doing, you can keep yourself entertained.
You are so cute, and you know it!  You're always putting on a show!  Batting your eyes and pouting your lips are your specialty.  
You are still sleeping in your crib.  You do not like sleeping with other people or in big beds.  I thought that you would like cuddling with us, but you absolutely do not!  When we all slept in the basement during some bad storms, you woke up 3 times crying for me to take you back to your crib.    
You hate to be put in time-out but it works like magic when you misbehave.  If we say "no" to you or raise our voices, you quickly say, "sorry."  It's so cute.  You instantly want to hug us.  You don't like it if someone is upset with you at all.
You're other most common saying is, "I'm okay!"  Whenever you fall or trip or bump into something, that's the first thing out of your mouth. I'm not sure if you're telling us or yourself!
You love school.  You run in the class every day and give your teacher a hug before sitting down for breakfast.  You've yet to have a bad day.  You are so sweet and loving to all of your friends.  You hug them before you leave in the afternoon and they always yell, "Bye Caroline" and you get a big smile on your face.  
You were completely healthy at your well-check yesterday, but then you woke up with 102 degree fever.  You didn't even have any shots and you didn't have any other symptoms.  The fever went away by 10:00 and hasn't come back so far.  I'm not sure what that was all about, but I sure did enjoy my extra time at home with you today!
Caroline and Elizabeth both at age 3!
My sweet Caroline, we love you so very much!  Your easy going, silly personality is such a blessing in our home.  You are your sister's favorite playmate and our little snuggle bug.  You complete our family perfectly!

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