Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Forward

I was so excited to spring forward this weekend.  Longer days, more sun, warmer weather... so excited!
Friday night started with after dinner drinks with Melissa.  We missed Katy (who got sick) but it was so nice to relax and catch up.  
We all woke up pretty slow on Saturday, then had to get it in gear to get E to swim practice by 9:00.  She was supposed to start soccer, but the rain on Friday made the fields to wet.  She was disappointed but that meant I didn't have to be late for my friend's baby shower.  Not having to rush around on Saturday was such a blessing!
This is her "Ariel" pose.  Not sure why.  It just is.

Saturday night we went out with some friends to celebrate Julie's birthday.  We went to Red Sky, a tapas bar with dueling pianos.  So much fun!

The birthday girl

Elizabeth sang with the Joy Choir in the traditional service on Sunday.  She was really into it this time.  I almost cried listening to her sing, "Jesus is my best friend."  

The weather was so nice on Sunday the girls played outside all day long.  We got lots of yard work done.  I went for a run.  We jumped on our neighbor's trampoline.  Basically, played, played, played!  

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