Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dr. Seuss and Frozen

The girls celebrated Dr. Seuss this week at school. There was a different theme each day. They wore tacky socks on Tuesday.

Wacky Wednesday was fun especially since we had church after school! Elizabeth was not a fan of dressing wacky. She kept saying, "This isn't cute. I don't look pretty!" I told her she could change but as soon as she saw that her friends were wacky too, she was okay with it. Not excited. Just accepting.

On crazy hat day Caroline was very specific that she wanted to be Minnie Mouse. Not exactly crazy, but she sure was adorable!

I was so proud of E this morning because she figured out all by herself how to get the hat to stand up. Bert was out of town so I was busy getting myself and C ready. She had taken it upon herself to stuff her daddy's newspaper in it to make it stand up. She is definitely my problem solver!

My girls absolutely love Frozen. They sing the songs ALL. THE. TIME! Friday night they put on a performance for Bert and me.

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