Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving Break

Our week off has been the perfect mix of activities and rest.  We had play dates, went to the movies, and spent one day at Catch Air playing so hard that both girls took a 3-hour nap.  It was fantastic!

Since we were hosting Thanksgiving this year, the girls helped me clean and prep all week.  By "help" I mean they played in the playroom and watched cartoons so I could get stuff done.  It is so nice that they can play on their own for little bits of time now which is really the most help I could ever ask for!

On Thanksgiving morning, the girls were in and out of the living room watching the parade.  They either sat in these chairs or stood right up next to the TV.  

We had a full house for Thanksgiving.  I forgot to take a whole family picture, but our guests included Nana, Papa, Nannie, Papa Ray, Uncle Scott, Aunt Brandi, Ginger and Roger (Brandi's parents), cousins Alex, Kenzie, and Madison.

Kenzie and Madison decided to sleep over with Elizabeth.  They watched movies and ate popcorn.  E was in heaven!

On Friday we bummed around and started decorating for Christmas.  My dad helped me put up our new 12' Christmas tree and Dianna helped me make a new wreath and tree skirt.  Let the Christmas festivities begin!

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