Sunday, November 3, 2013

Quick Visit to Nashville

On Saturday morning, the girls and I headed out for a quick trip to Nashville.  We were there for exactly 24 hours, but they were 24 fantastic hours!  We got there in time to stop at my parents house in Nashville to drop off all of our stuff before heading to Mt. Juliet to celebrate Gaines's 5th birthday.  How in the world are our babies turning 5-years-old?!
The first thing the girls always want to do when we get to Nana and Pappa's is swing

Elizabeth really was excited to be there.  But she was worn out!  She even admitted to being tired which she NEVER admits!
Elizabeth woke up at her normal 7:30 time this morning, but because of the time change and the fact that we were now in central time, it was actually 5:30!  Thankfully my dad got up with her and made french toast.  After breakfast I caught a little dance party action in their living room.

My girls absolutely love their Pappa and it makes me so happy!

Elizabeth has been "posing" for pictures for a while.  But this was a first for Caroline.  They make me laugh!

I was taking a picture of Elizabeth and Caroline was still posing in the background.  Silly girls.
This is a side-by-side picture comparison of Elizabeth 3 years ago standing on my parents' back deck in the exact same dress/top she was wearing today.  Wow!  Time flies!!
While the girls were swinging, my dad started blowing the leaves around.  They loved it.  I love how Elizabeth is trying to protect Caroline.  She's such a nurturer.

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