Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

The girls got to wear their halloween costumes to school today.  So that they wouldn't get their "real" costumes dirty, I had them pick out one of the any from their playroom.  Elizabeth chose Tinkerbell and Caroline chose Minnie.  

This was the very best pic of them together.  I'm hoping there's a better one from the school parade.
Tonight we went Trick or Treating with the kids on our street.  Seriously, these kids have the life!

As soon as we started walking Caroline said, "I want to ride."  She didn't walk up to one single door.  She was as happy as could be sitting in the wagon enjoying the ride.

These 3 were inseparable all night.  Our hands may be full with these girls in a few years:))
It was a beautiful and warm night here.  The perfect evening to kick off the holiday season!! 

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