Thursday, September 19, 2013

Random Pics

This week has been crazy busy with school so I haven't had a chance to take or post any pictures.  My new leadership class has been planning a big fundraiser this week for the Rally Foundation to raise money for childhood cancer research.  We've been busy every night and our big event happens at tomorrow's night football game.  Hopefully, life will settle down a little bit after that.  

I found a few pictures on my phone that I never posted. 

The girls and I had our flew shots a couple of weeks ago.  Elizabeth didn't even wince!  She is one tough cookie!!

Ella Mary goes everywhere with us these days.  Caroline still prefers her baby Cinderelly.  Good thing we have two of them!

The last day for the pool was extended to last Sunday.  Of course we had to go!

After baths the other night, we let the girls take a little stroll down the street so we could walk off dinner.
I got to face-time with Rebeka last night.  She's been sick since she got to New Zealand, so I was relieved to see her smiling face!

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