Monday, September 2, 2013

High School Football

Since I teach high school, we love going to the football games on Friday nights.  We usually only go to the home games.  But our first game of the season was at Marietta High School.  That's the high school that our neighborhood friends and church friends attend.  So we had to go!

Ally and Reese wanted to go with us.  This actually made it easier with Elizabeth and Caroline.  Even though Ally lives in our neighborhood, she is in 5th grade at one of my high school's feeder schools.  Reese goes to Marietta City schools, but she decided to be a Pope Greyhound for the night!

Sophie and Nick (Marietta fans) came over to give us grief about the game!

The game was fun to go to, but it was ugly!  Marietta killed us.  I started making excuses that it was because they're a 6A school and we're 5A, but I don't really think that's why.  They were just that much better than us.  When I realized that so many of our players are in AP classes (including mine), I kept saying, "Well at least we're smart and pretty!" Ha! No matter what the score, I love my school because I truly have THE BEST students anywhere!

We decided the only way to get over our loss was to go get ice cream!  Victory!

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