Monday, August 12, 2013

Crazy Fun Weekend

This weekend was so busy but so fun! We had a neighborhood garage sale on Saturday that we spent all Friday night preparing for. Then we went over to the Hills' house on Saturday night and had the yummiest dinner and best time with our sweet friends.

On Sunday we spent the day out on the lake with some friends. Elizabeth was in her element, surrounded by friends, fun, and water!

Caroline preferred sitting near the food and hanging out with Anna Kate.

Both of my girls loved driving the boat.

Caroline zonked out while we were riding around.

While Bert was pulling the anchor out he realized it was harder than it should've been. He kept pulling and eventually pulled out a small tree that was attached to the anchor! This is part of the branch that broke off when it surfaced.

We tried to get the kids to take a picture of the adults. Cooper took this one.

Elizabeth took this one.

We had the best time but were so exhausted after 8 hours on the lake. We went home, ate, showered, and were all asleep by 7:00pm! Crazy, fun weekend!

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