Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Talent Show

Both girls participated in the Talent Show this year.  Elizabeth came home one day
 with a list of 6 girls and their telephone numbers.  She asked me to call of their moms to see if they would do the talent show with her.  How could I say no??  

They all said yes, and so I got to work thinking about what in the world their talent would be.  They all wanted to dance, but I did not want to choreograph anything.  So we put together a string of popular songs that already had dance moves.  And then we turned the girls into glowing skeletons, and let them do their thing! 
Introducing.... The Glow Girls

Caroline's group was so adorable.  Seven little kindergartners.  They were the youngest group in the show and the crowd loved them from the moment they walked on the stage.

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