Friday, December 23, 2016

Fall Semester Comes to an End

Our last unit before exams was "Stress and Health" so I invited an instructor to come in and teach yoga all day to my students.  It was awesome!

I love kicking off our Christmas season at our school orchestra, band, and chorus concert.  They are amazingly talented!
These girls were so excited to be able to go down and be conductors on stage during the concert!  

Elizabeth and Caroline came to school with me the morning of SWAG to help set up.  We were ready early so they played a little game with the big kids.
SWAG 2016 was a huge success!

I love my sweet friend and partner in crime!

Caroline with her bestie, Mary, at their school party.

I took these wild and crazy 2nd graders (and Caroline)  home from school after their talent show practice.

Elizabeth with her friends at her class party.

I took these kiddos with me to the grocery store, and they did surprisingly well!  And yes, I used both of the carts to get all of the food we needed for our Christmas celebrations!

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