Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

We didn't get out of school until the Thursday before Christmas, and it was a good day!  My mom and Jim came that day too:)  On Friday, the girls and I took my mom to the square for some ice skating and lunch.  We ran into some sweet friends too.

Mom and I didn't skate, but we enjoyed watching the girls.
My girls ready for Christmas Eve service.

My family on Christmas Eve... oh how I love them so!

Caroline, the wisewoman

Elizabeth, the angel

We always eat hibatchi on Christmas Eve.  The only pic i took was of the kids trying to catch eggs from the chef.

We drove to see Christmas lights before heading home for the night.

Our matching jammies this year came complete with santa hats for the guys.

Santa came!
In the morning i was surprised to see that Santa had brought me a new bike too:)

We hosted Christmas dinner and Bert's family came over.  It was an incredibly warm day so the kids spent the entire day outside on their new bikes.

Christmas 2016 was magical!

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