Thursday, December 8, 2016

This and That

We finally got some rain!  Elizabeth noticed that Caroline and I were alternating our color scheme and wanted to take a picture.  It's blurry, but she's always asking to use my phone to take a picture these days.
My sweet student and SGA president who I had the honor of tapping for Who's Who.

We let the girls have complete control over the train tree this year.  Elizabeth did a fantastic job of planning out where each should go (we didn't have to move one).  Caroline did a great job of following her sister's directions.

They are so sweet when they are sleeping.  Caroline is such a sweet cuddler and Elizabeth is a natural protector.
Caroline, Elizabeth and Reese before dance... silly girls.

Alissa is back from maternity leave.  Work just isn't the same without her!
Elizabeth was an all-star at her first basketball game.  She scored some points, played great defense, and thought it was so cool that one of my students was her referee.

Last Sunday it poured all day.  We never left the house.  We watched a few Christmas movies, did a few chores, and then I let the girls play on their kindles in their new favorite spots.

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