Sunday, February 14, 2016

More Random Pictures

A couple of weeks ago Caroline gave us a big scare.  Her croup came on really quickly and she had a very difficult time breathing.  We had to call 911.  Thankfully the ambulance got there quickly because her oxygen level had dropped and she needed help to breathe.  We spendt the night at CHOA for observation after they had administered epinephrine and steroids.  Thankfully she was all better by the next morning.

Enjoying the warm weather  in the winter.

Trains, trains, trains.
Youth Sunday at church
Super Bowl Sunday
We hosted a Super Bowl party for our Sunday School class.  The girls declared the basement their "private princess party area."
These girls can be so sweet to each other when they want to be.
Ash Wednesday

So fun running into our sweet friends!

Clean little girls reading books... my favorite:) 

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