Friday, January 29, 2016


Celebrating Bert's birthday

Watching him watch our girls sing "happy birthday" made me so happy

Dinner date with the Hills!

To wrap up our child development unit in AP Psych, I host a "child play day."It was a huge success this year with lots of kids.  My kids learned so very much!  
Caroline and Reese are ready for high school!!
Reese, Ella, and Caroline felt so big getting food from the cafeteria and eating in the teachers' lounge.
On Friday, January 22nd they called for snow so we got out of school early.  Of course, no snow came until later that night.
Even though we didn't get very much, they enjoyed it!

I LOVE these kids!

my little angel

On Sunday morning we ran the Hot Chocolate 15K.  It was 25 degrees for our entire run, but it felt great!  I didn't walk once which is the longest I've ever gone without walking.  I'd run in freezing weather any day over hot weather.

The hardest part was waiting to get started.  

Drinking our hot chocolate after the race.

Allison was so sweet to take care of our kids while we were running the race.  She took all 4 kids to Waffle House.

On Tuesday night Caroline gave us the biggest scare.  Her croup came out of no where and at 11:00pm she came out of her room hardly able to breathe.  We had to call 911, and thankfully Julie came over to assist and then take care of Elizabeth while we went to CHOA  with Caroline.  After an epinephrine treatment in the ambulance and steroid at the hospital and 2 more hours of observation, they released us to go home.  I was so relieved to be taking my  baby home for some much needed rest.

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