Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Last Saturday we finally met Rebeka's fiance', Conner!  We met them in Chattanooga for the day and had a blast!

First we had lunch at a yummy local spot called the Terminal Brewhouse.

We road the Incline train up to lookout mountain.  The steep ride made Caroline a little nervous.

Poor Conner had to ride by himself.

Hannah and me:)

The dare devils!

We went to Point Park to explore.

Conner was making the girls laugh pretending to climb up the side of the  mountain.

While we were at the top of the mountain I ran into one of my favorite former students, Eric.  He was with some friends from UGA and they were making a video for a competition.  

After Lookout Mountain, we went to Coolidge Park and road the carousel. 

Then we walked the longest pedestrian bridge in the world... Walnut Street Bridge.  It was so nice watching the girls run, play, and chase each other (along with Conner, Hannah, and Rebeka).

This was my first time using my selfie.  Hannah took my picture while I was trying to figure it out.

After dinner, we all went home.  It was a full, busy, and blessed day!  Just perfect!  And we can all say that we LOVE Conner!!

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