Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Holiday in the Park

On the day after Christmas, we loaded up the family (Bert, myself, Elizabeth, Caroline, Nanna, Pappa, and Hannah) along with our friends Allison, Brayden and Gabriella and headed to Six Flags to enjoy Holiday in the Park.  It was strangely warm which meant it was more crowded this  year, but we still had fun! 

Caroline and I played games and won prizes while other the "big" people rode a few roller coasters and rides that she wasn't quite big enough for.  She won this cape which she was quite proud of!  
Caroline's favorite ride is always the carousel.  
These 6-year-olds were stuck together like glue the entire day.  This was as we were walking in and they were strategizing their game plan...the order in which they would ride each ride.
Brayden let Elizabeth drive the old timey car.  I was dying over his arm around her.
Brayden and Elizabeth talked me into riding the Mind Bender.  Elizabeth and I had never ridden it before but they were both tall enough, so we did.  OH MY GOODNESS!  I cannot believe my baby was big enough for this upside down, twisty, fast roller coaster.  I mean... it's a REAL roller coaster and of course, she LOVED it!  I wanted to cry, but she loved it!

We played at Six Flags for 7 hours that day!  It was so much fun, but mainly because my people were there!  It was a great way to end our Christmas celebration together.

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