Friday, November 27, 2015

Pre-Thanksgiving Celebrations

Elizabeth had her Thanksgiving progaming the week before break.  Her teacher had the kids vote on who would read the speaking parts and she was chosen!  

I'm glad that my daughter is confident, but perhaps I should work on her humility!
We kicked off Thanksgiving break with some ice skating on our square after lunch with some friends!
We had Friendsgiving with our  neighbors

This time Elizabeth redeemed her first try!  "The best thing is Jesus"!

My precious friend Christy passed away early Tuesday morning (November 17th).  I found out right before school.  It was by far the hardest day at school I've ever endured, but also the most therapeutic.  I thought it was important to make myself available for the kids, but they were there for me even more so.  This lady was nothing short of amazing and I have been so very blessed by her.  We celebrated her life on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  It was an incredible service held in our school's gym.  I've never laughed, cried, and danced so hard in my life!  

After the memorial close friends and family were invited to Keegan's.  Christy's presence was felt throughout all of it!

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