Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Break

We left on Wednesday before Thanksgiving for quite the southern road trip.  Caroline fell asleep almost immediately.  The excitement alone was too much for her!
Our first stop was Franklin, TN.  It was one of my favorite evenings the entire trip.  The weather was very mild so we walked up and down Main St. to show Lisa.  Dianna was working at the historic Franklin Theater so she let Elizabeth take a phone call (from Papa).  

On Thursday we left for Memphis to spend Thanksgiving with my mom.  It was a relaxing, enjoyable and yummy Thanksgiving, but I forgot to take even one picture!  On Friday we went to lunch at Huey's, visited the Enchanted Forest at the Pink Palace, and then put on our jammies and drove through Starry Nights.  

After two days in Memphis, we left for Heflin, AL to visit Bert's mom.  Spending the last day of our break out in the country was perfect!

Sleeping beauty fell asleep again on our trip home.

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