Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall Happenings

These are just some random pictures and videos from this fall.
Homecoming 2015

Elizabeth and I got up early one morning before church and had breakfast together on the square.  Best date ever!

Dentist check-up

This is Caroline's dance class all dressed up in Halloween costumes.
All of these girls are in Caroline's dance class and they also played soccer together.  Small town in a big city!
On the Friday before Halloween, Caroline got to wear a costume to school.  Elizabeth had to settle for her pumpkin shirt.  This picture was taken after school.  I love how disheveled they both look.  They have fun at school!

Caroline's teacher said she walked around like this all day!

On a side note, I want to take a minute to jot down how incredibly proud I am of Elizabeth!  This girls works so very hard on everything she does.  She truly impresses me with her will, determination, and overall ability in all that she does.
I never thought I'd be a soccer mom, but this girl rocks it!  She's the highest scorer on her team, but I can never catch it... she's just too fast.  I finally caught one.  
At tumbling this week she said to me, "I'm going to do my back hand spring by myself today.  I don't want to need a spot anymore."  I shrugged, but low and behold, she did it!

Her teacher sent home this brainteaser that she had successfully completed.  I was just a little proud!

That's a lot of bragging, but I  want both my girls to know how incredibly proud of them we are!

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