Friday, September 4, 2015

Friends are Family

Last weekend we had some very special visitors!  Meghan (with baby James) and Christy (with Ella Jo) came to meet sweet Anna Lee.  The five of us have been best friends for almost 20 years now (wow!).  They are such a blessing in my life and being able to show my girls what great friendship looks like is such an incredible gift from them.
We had dinner and played outside at my house on Friday night.
On Saturday we spent the entire day and night just hanging out at Mackenzie's house.
Elizabeth and Lea were instant best friends which made my heart so very happy!
The kids were excited when the ice cream truck came by.  Mackenzie was laughing at Mel and I as we stood in line with our kids holding our wine.  Classy!

We couldn't resist a Tennessee photo opportunity.
Little mamas!

Lisa (our  exchange student) came too and enjoyed loving on the babies.
Cabe was so extra sweet to Caroline and had so much patience trying to teach her to play video games.  She decided after we left that she needed a big brother.  Sorry sister!
Holding hands on the way to the park.

Sweet 6-year-olds

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