Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Visistors, Football, School, and Fall Weather

Hannah is home from New Zealand!  She came to spend the weekend with us a couple of weeks ago.  She played with girls at the pool and kicked off football season with us at the Pope game.  Such a special treat for all of us!  
Life is hard for a 6-year-old.

We introduced Lisa to Waffle House. 
Game night is way more fun when Aunt Hannah is playing.
My crew at the Pope game.  SGA hosted a student tailgate and "paint-up" party.  
Faculty gets to sit on the field in the end zone which is great because the kids can run around and not fall out of the bleachers.
Caroline was in awe of the players.  

Eva and Elizabeth might not be in school together anymore, but they still love being Pope fans together.  Elizabeth's shirt was all tied up because she was flipping around on the turf.
Go Greyhounds!
This girl loves to eat!
School really wears these girls out.

Movie time in mommy's bed
Elizabeth loves doing her hair all by herself.  Each morning she challenges herself to a new hair style.  This was her "messy bun with a bow" look.  She asked me to snap a picture so she could see it and make sure it's what she wanted.

I love the day that NHS inducts new members.  They always have a created theme and interrupt class to make a big deal of it for the students.  This year's theme was Scooby Doo, and they challenged each new inductee to solve a problem with a clue they gave.  I had one or two in each class so this was a fun day!  We were learning about neurons this day (as seen on the projector) so NHS really helped livin up class!
I love seeing my 6'2" husband sit in the little chairs to help the kids in Children's Church.

The weather has been so nice so we've been sneaking in as much outside time as possible.  It's really hard now that both girls have activities after school and  homework, but kids still need to be kids! 

Elizabeth loves working on her tumbling when we're outside.

And my sweet Caroline loves to "read the pictures" of her books.  On this night I taped her "reading" her bible.  She might not know all the words but she definitely understands His message!

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