Friday, September 11, 2015

Labor Day weekend

We spent most of Labor Day weekend working in the yard and cleaning house.  But we did get out for a little fun too!
Many times when E and I are sitting in the car pool line, she will climb up to me and say, "Let's take a selfie, mom."  So we do.

Me and 3 other girlfriends went to dinner at Keegan's.  We sat with our kids at the bar... not the actual  bar but a bar table.  They played with play-doh and were so well behaved... like they've been going to bars for years! Ha!

Slumber Party!

Miss Caroline  is  always performing.
We spent Labor Day at Whitewater with our friends.  The big kids (yes, E is in that group) all got flash passes so they could ride all the rides over and over again.

The littles had fun too!  

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