Saturday, March 28, 2015

March Madness

This month has been crazy busy but so much fun.
Wednesday night church

That night these sweet kids helped pack 25,000 meals to Stop Hunger Now!
My friend and neighbor, Julie, turned 38 this month.  For her birthday she had a "School Reunion" party.  We all dressed up like we were in high school and brought our senior yearbooks and other high school memories to share.  It was so very fun especially since there is a 16 year variation among our graduation dates!
After snooping through everybody's high school memories.  We played a game of "Name that Tune and Artist"... girls vs. boys.  Then we played a game of charades where we pretended to be one of our friends, but their high school self.  Others guessed who we were.  It was hilarious!
For our March run we ran the Silver Comet 10K.  It was a great run.  Bert and I both finished with our best times yet.

Elizabeth got a random stomach bug and threw up all night a few Saturday nights ago.  Thankfully no one else caught it and it was over in 12 hours.  The next day was so beautiful and she wanted to go outside so bad. So I laid out a blanket for her to lay on.  Poor girl.  She loves being outside.

I took the girls to see our school musical, "Legally Blonde."  All the racy parts went right over their heads.  The were in awe of the singing and dancing.  It was an incredible show!

My little bunnies!
Elizabeth's soccer pictures are taken on a green screen.  Caroline felt left out so I took her photo afterwards.

letting our manicures dry:-)

My whole world in this king size bed
On Tuesday, Elizabeth and Caroline ate apples after dinner for a treat.  Afterwards, Elizabeth discovered she had a loose tooth.  She was so excited she could barely fall asleep that night.

On Thursday, March 26th, she came home from school looking like this!  She was so excited to lose it at school because she got to go to the nurse who gave her a tooth shaped necklace to wear with her tooth in it.  She felt so special!
In true Elizabeth fashion, she was very concerned as to what the toothfairy actually did with her tooth.  Why did she want it?  We discussed the possibilities for a while.  
Last week it was rainy at soccer
This week it was sunny and freezing

Caroline loves to jump in puddles

She loves the wind and sun on her face even more!

I was doing yard work last weekend, and these sweet girls drew flowers on our driveway to show my flowers how to grow.  

Wednesday night Bert cashed in his Christmas present and took me to see Fleetwood Mac.  I was worried about staying up late on a school night, but was turned out to be a much needed date with my hubby.  We even had a drink afterwards to avoid the traffic... rebels!

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