Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hot Hot Hot

This weekend was ridiculously hot.  After letting the girls play at the pool Friday night for way too late, we decided to have a lazy Saturday INSIDE!  We didn't go outside at all until after dinner.  There was finally a breeze and all the neighbors were out.  We let them stay up way too late again catching lightning bugs.  I loved watching them all run around together have "old-fashion" fun!  

Caroline kept telling me she wasn't sleepy and didn't need a nap.  Shortly after that, I found her like this.

We eat at Laredo's on a weekly bases.  We have cut way back on eating out, but we just couldn't resist any longer!  After church on Sunday, we got our Mexican fix!
Elizabeth and I spent Sunday afternoon at the pool for Gabriella's birthday.  Caroline took a late nap and missed the whole thing.  She was so sad.   So while Bert grilled our dinner and Elizabeth rode her bike, I let Caroline play in her baby pool.  It did the trick!  She was one happy little girl:)  
Bert grilled some yummy tilapia filets with a bruschetta topping.  I'm sure going to miss grilling season when it gets cold.  

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