Friday, August 15, 2014

Daily Photos

Lunch after church.  One of the many things I do that I swore I never would... allow my kids to watch videos while out to eat so I can enjoy adult conversation with my hubby:)
School wears this munchkin out!
It's week 2 of school and I couldn't resist snapping a picture of my kindergartner each morning.  Bert asked me how long I was going to keep it up, and I said as long we are ready on time I just might do it every day for the next 13 years!!
Monday- she picked her outfit out based on the shoes she wanted to wear.  She really is my girl! Ha!
Tuesday.  Apparently Ms. Arasi (her teacher) wears braids in her hair a lot and Elizabeth says she is soooo pretty.  So almost every morning Elizabeth asks me to braid her hair.  
Wednesday.  Double braids:)
Thursday.  Today was the day that Elizabeth got on yellow for the very first time:(  She was talking in the hall when she wasn't suppose to.  I was disappointed but the poor girl gets it honestly!
Friday.  She wanted to wear her crayon shirt today because she was going to Art for specials.  I think Art is her favorite so far!

A couple other things I want to remember from Elizabeth's second week of school (besides her first yellow report).

1.  We received the list of sight words that Elizabeth would need to know before she finished kindergarten.  It was broken down by 9 weeks.  We were asked to make flashcards for each word.  I gave the paper to Elizabeth and she proceeded to read every single word off of it.  There were only 2 words in the whole list that she needed to sound out.  The rest she just read easily (thank you pre-K).  I was telling her how proud I was of her and she said, "I didn't actually know them, but my brain did."   Ha!  She says the funniest things.

2. When she got out of my car Wednesday morning to go into school, a new little friend of hers saw her and called her name.  Elizabeth turned around with a big smile, ran over to her, they grabbed hands and basically skipped into school together.  It was truly like a scene from a movie.  My heart was so full right then because I know she's making sweet friends that will grow up with her and be a major part of her life.  And to see her so happy made this mama so happy too!  
Because Caroline is still sleeping when Elizabeth and I leave, I don't get to take her picture each morning.  I was excited this morning when Bert texted me this picture of Caroline that he took.  All ready for the Splash Park Day at school!

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