Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wrapping Up Summer

Well that's it!  Summer is officially over!  We spent the last couple of weeks soaking up every ounce of summer time left in us!
at the park
back to school shopping
Movie Tavern with our neighbors
soccer camp

playing in the rain, then watching the rainbow that followed
Caroline went back to school part time last week.  Her teacher sent me this picture.
Last Friday, the girls were both in camp so Bert and I took our passes and spent the day at Six Flags.  We had a blast!  We felt like teenagers running around the park with our flash passes riding roller coaster after roller coaster.  So much fun!!
Friday afternoon we met the Hills at the pool for swimming and dinner.
Reese and Caroline
Little Reese, Big Reese, and Elizabeth
Caroline of course wanted to eat by her mama.
We tried potty training boot camp... It was NOT successful.  She'll be ready when she's ready!!!
Eating lunch at Zaxbys after church.

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  1. These photos are awesome!
    re: potty training boot camp...she at least took off her diaper and tried instead of just responding "NO!"