Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Break is Over

The day after we got home from Memphis, it was cold and rainy.  So we joined Reese and Melissa (along with the rest of Marietta it seemed) at Champion Kids.  These three cutie pies played like crazy and then all took great naps!

Friday was still cold so Julie (who lives 2 doors down) brought over her twins, Lola and Vivian, for a little pajama party!  Yes, we were in ours too:)

On Friday night I enjoyed the last night with our Christmas tree.  Until next year...

On Saturday night Reese and Sophie came to play, and Reese spent the night.  The girls enjoyed their cookies and milk while they watched a movie.  My favorite part was listening to their conversation through the monitor before they fell asleep.  Priceless!
These girls always make the silliest face, especially Caroline.  I can never get a real smile out of her!
Tonight they are calling for inclement weather in the morning.  This might be the first time I'm not doing my snow dance.  Tomorrow is a work day for teachers, and I really need some time in my classroom before the kids show up!  But I wouldn't mind a little delay so I can sleep in after staying up watching the premier of Downton Abbey!

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