Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Speeches and Sickness

I have been especially sick this year. I just had strep throat 3 weeks ago and this week I got the flu...again. Apparently it is a different strand, but I assure you, equally miserable. From Sunday to this morning I ran a fever and coughed so much I thought I was surely going to break a rib! When I went to the doc, my oxygen level was low so she gave me a steroid and new inhaler. By 3:00, I felt human again.
On Monday night I pumped myself full of enough medicine to get me through my baccalaureatte speech. I actually think feeling so miserable kept me from being too nervous. It went really well which was definitely a God thing. Our yearbooks came out last week too and there were three pages I want to remember and since I won't be paying $85 I took pics of them.

They did a page on me and Maddie, one of my all time favorite students! Another page on Mr. and Mrs. Pope who I adore and had in class together. I was asked to share some words about them for the yearbook. And another page was dedicated to our WinShape field trip. I love my job, my students, and my school. I especially love that my own kids get to be apart of it all too. We went to two soccer games an a baseball game last week.

I took this picture of E in front of Pope. I hope to put this in her senior yearbook one day!

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