Monday, May 6, 2013

Fantasy on Ice

Last Saturday we surprised the girls and took them to see Fantasy on Ice.  Caroline dressed up like Minnie and Elizabeth was Tinker Bell.  I'm so glad we made sure to dress them in costumes of characters that were actually there because Elizabeth definitely noticed. 

They kept hugging each other and squealing with joy.  Caroline didn't really understand what all the excitment was over.  All she knew was her sister was thrilled so she must be too!

We tried to take a family photo before we left, but it didn't work out so well!

The best pic I could get of these two together
I was surprised that Caroline made it through the entire 2 hour production.  She even sat perfectly still during the first half.  Thankfully we were in the front row with room for her to stand up during the second half.  But she still paid attention the entire time.

Elizabeth was so enamored that she hardly even smiled.  She just stared in awe at the characters and how real they were.

She loved it when they looked right at her and waved.  She felt so special!

The excitment wore Caroline out!

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