Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Elizabeth's School Concert

For about a month now Elizabeth has been talking about her "Rock Star Concert."  At first I was confused.  Then I learned that for their end-of-the-year celebration, they were dressing up like rock stars and performing for us.  

Here is one of the 4 songs they sang.  This one was pretty funny:)

Ms. Yasmin and Ms. Shauna with Elizabeth

After the "rock star" part, the kids changed into homemade costumes from different countries.  Elizabeth represented Turkey. 

They handed out superlatives to each kid.  Elizabeth was the only one who got two!  She was named "Most Theatrical" and "The Social Butterfly."  I wasn't surprised by either, but I was glad to know we aren't the only ones who think she's dramatic!!

Camille is moving and Elizabeth is not happy about it!  She was actually crying on Friday when I picked her up because "Camille isn't coming back to school."  She might be dramatic, but she is all heart!

Best Buddies- Lilly, Elizabeth, Camille

Afterwards, we went to eat at Cherokee Cattle Company.  Caroline was a sweet pea through the entire performance and dinner!  It can be hit or miss these days, so I was very grateful!!

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  1. Elizabeth looks like such a fun little girl! Hopefully we will get to see y'all more after our move back home!