Thursday, July 21, 2016

Rebeka and Conner's Wedding Weekend

Rebeka and Conner's weekend was so incredibly special.  The activities started on Thursday afternoon with a lingerie shower for Rebeka.  I don't have any pictures from it, but I almost forgot how fun they could be!

On Friday morning, my girls, Rebeka, and I went to Frothy Monkey to set up for her bridal luncheon.  It was the perfect place with the coolest ambiance and yummiest food.  Rebeka wrote the sweeteest, most heart warming letters to each person in the room and gave them each a gift.  Elizabeth, Caroline, and I felt so incredibly loved all weekend long.

pre-wedding pampering

The rehearsal dinner was so different and my favorite one ever.  It was held at a high ropes course called Soar.  Everyone was able to participate at their own level and we ate from food trucks for dinner.  The adventurous rehearsal dinner captured Conner and Rebeka's spirits so well!

I loved getting to know Rebeka's bridesmaids over the weekend.  Each one was so special and precious. 

I can't wait to see the pictures from the photographer.

The DJ was set up and started playing before all the guests came.  Bert took that opportunity to dance with his girls on an open dance floor.

Rebeka dancing with our dad

the girls loved dancing with Uncle Conner  
they loved dancing with Papa too

The girls were so exhausted afterwards that they crashed immediately...sign of an amazing weekend!

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