Monday, July 4, 2016


 Swim team is one of our favorite summer activities! The girls practice every single morning and have meets on Monday nights.  Both girls love swim team and so do I! 

The home meets are always themed.  The girls really got into super hero  night.  There were a lot of rain delays this year, but even those turned into a party!

Riley's mama couldn't make it to this meet so she asked me to give her a kiss from i did:)

Coach Josh has been the most amazing coach to my girls.  He will be swimming for Georgia next year, but we are still hoping he comes back for another season next summer!

The girls had to miss the end of the season party, but they were both given awards.  Elizabeth was given the Stitch Award because (as they said) "she looked so cute at the meets, but when she got in the water she tore it up!"  I thought that was so clever.  She really does amaze me with her swimming.
Caroline earned the Coach's Joy award.  Coach Rebecca gave it to her and told Caroline she was her favorite swimmer to coach.  That made my heart so happy.  I love how lovable that kid is:)

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