Monday, July 20, 2015

Random Pics

These pictures are random and in no particular order but they remind me of some sweet memories made this summer.
meeting baby James

Melissa, Meghan, and I hung out all day with the kids.  We waited until the very end to get a group picture of the kids.  This picture makes me laugh so hard.  We're not even pretending to "have it all together"!  Elizabeth's hair is out of control.  Caroline is flashing us and Reese has no clothes on at all.  James just slept through the whole thing!
Elizabeth and Reese resting while playing on the kindle.  Reese was more tired than she let on.

Caroline's very first time with gum.

The girls love sitting at the counter in our new stools.
This has become what my bed looks like almost every morning.  We all start in our own rooms, but somehow all end up in mommy and daddy's.

Fun pool date with friends
early  morning art project
We spent the day to Whitewater and had a blast.
One of the many slides Elizabeth and Bert went on.  Caroline still isn't a fan of the slides, but Elizabeth rode every single one except for the two straight down ones that she's not tall enough for yet.  

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