Friday, July 31, 2015


The week before school started I was so lucky to have a quick beach trip with some of my favorite girls!  These girls came literally from all over the world to be together.  There's not enough time or space to say how much these girls mean to me.  
We basically hopped around 30A all weekend.  From Grayton Beach to Seaside to Blue Mountain.  This might possibly be my favorite beach spot yet!

Celebrating Dr. Jessica Gielow as she begins  her career as a general surgeon!

The Red Bar.  Hank, Mackenzie's dad, made sure we had the royal treatment.  Prime bar seats.  Drinks ready when we got there.  And the best seat in the house as soon as we decided we were hungry.
Our surgeon had a broken leg that she was able to keep in a walking boot.  Whenever she wanted to "relieve herself'" we would basically carry her to the water.  That's true love!

We spent the last day at Mackenzie's in-laws house.  It was nothing short of amazing!

Katy prepared the food and I mixed the drinks... ya know, the important stuff!

Bellied up to the bar:-)
At some point we all relaxed in one of the hammicks.

We packed a lot in on our 3-night trip.  Lots of fun memories made!

Bert snapped this picture Sunday afternoon after I got home.  Apparently all the relaxing from the weekend wore me out!

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