Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Decorating for Christmas

Since we were home the week of Thanksgiving and not hosting, we decided to decorate early.  Last year was the first year that we didn't get a real tree and this year was the first year we put our tree up before Thanksgiving!  I'm such a rebel with all this "rule" breaking! Ha!
We let the girls help with the train tree.

complete with a running train

This little conductor loves the train.
Instead of the mesh on my tree this year, I used burlap to go with my burlap tree skirt.  I was trying to go for a more rustic look with the simple star on top.  It's fun to mix things up a bit!
My favorite new ornament this year
I frame all of our Christmas cards and Santa pictures each year.  This year I put our card pictures in order by year. It's fun to see our family grow each year!
Our sports tree

Caroline's tree that she decorated all by herself.  The girls each put her tree on the cat walk upstairs to decorate while I decorated the big one.  It was great to be doing it together with no arguing!!
Elizabeth rearranged her ornaments 3 times.
Elle has returned!

We still have to add some lights to our bushes, but I love seeing our house glow at night!

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