Sunday, December 24, 2017

Disney World

I was asked to chaperone the chorus trip to Walt Disney World and was able to invite my family to go too!  We left right after the last day of school for the semester and stayed until Christmas Eve.  It was such a fun surprise for the kids and a great treat to be there all together.
Animal Kingdom is still my favorite park!

Doc McStuffins thought it was great that they all had glitter shoes on:)

We had a full day at Magic Kingdom.  Caroline tired out so Bert took her back to the hotel.  Elizabeth and I stayed late and had a blast together.

Riding the fairy after leaving Magic Kingdom...what a magical sight.

Caroline lost her first tooth at Disney!

The chorus was there to sing at Epcot and Neil Patrick Harris was the host.  For the first show we all watched (from very good seats).  I had to work the 2nd show so Bert took the girls to ride Soarin' again.  I was back stage with NPH!!!

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