Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Snow/ Ice Days

On our first week back to school, they started predicting snow!  We were let out early on that Friday, and then were completely out on Monday and Tuesday.  We didn't get much snow, but we did get ice.

Believe it or not, they could sled on the grass because it was frozen!

Our area cleared up pretty quickly, so i took the kids to the gym with me on Monday.  Elizabeth got to work out in the cardio room for the first time.

Caroline worked out with me in the living room on Tuesday.

Nichole invited us to go to the aquarium with them on Tuesday.

When I saw this picture, I realized how close in heighth my girls are.  I think Caroline will definitely be taller than Elizabeth one day.

On Tuesday, we were out of school for ice but it was warm enough to eat our lunch outside... love the south.

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