Tuesday, November 1, 2016


On Sunday before Halloween, we took the kids to Fright Fest at Six Flags.  Our group kept growing and so did the fun!
We are missing a few people in the pic, but this is one fun, fabulous crew!

We told the kids to pretend to be scared.  Caroline didn't have to pretend...sweet girl really was scared.
At the end of October it was still hot enough to enjoy being sprayed by water... crazy weather.

These two road every roller coaster they were allowed to get on.

These 3 giggled their heads off on the "baby" rides.  That was enough thrill for them.
Three mamas enjoying a warm fall day with their families.
riding the sky buckets with my man
Gretchen was the brave soul who rode with all the littles
Bentley was a little nervous about riding her first "real" roller coaster.  Elizabeth kept trying to give her a pep talk as the older (by one year), wiser friend..ha!
This ride was scarier than it looked.  It's called Superman Tower of Power and it reminded Elizabeth of the Tower of Terror at Disney.  There were moments that her face looked so terrified, but she said she loved it!

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