Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Catching Up

So I've gotten a little behind, so I decided to do a quick phone dump of my pictures.

Caroline started dance.  We went with the Hill girls to an open house so they could meet their teachers before we started practice.  It was so fun.  The girls were able to see the company dancers perform as well.  

Bert's dad passed away in early August.  I can't imagine losing a parent.  Bert was heart broken, but handled it with so much grace.  He also experienced so much love from family and friends.  It was definitely a blessing amidst this heartache.

I was so grateful to be able to promise my girls they would see their Grandad again.  He was  a Christian man who loved Jesus. What a blessing!

I went to my first Matilda Jane show and bought way too much for me and the girls.  I let the girls pick out their own outfits, and they did a great job (too good actually, which is why i spent too much).  

Friday Night Lights

Friends who are more like Family

Bert and I went to Chastain for a concert.  Fun, much needed date night!
Since Reese and Caroline have dance on the same night (even though it's a different class) we decided to have a standing dinner date with the Hills every Tuesday night.

dinner dates

First sign of fall weather.

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