Sunday, June 12, 2016

Nashville Shower

On June 11th, we all went to Nashville for Rebeka's wedding shower.  The girls were so excited to be with Aunt Rebeka and to go to their first wedding shower.
We came the day before the shower to spend some extra time with everyone.  Elizabeth, Conner, Rebeka and I rode our bikes to the square and enjoyed some yogurt.

Hannah was throwing the shower at the house so we took Rebeka out to breakfast to get her  out of the house while it was being decorated.
Elizabeth and Caroline insisted on getting the American girl dolls ready for the shower too.
Since the dolls couldn't actually go to the shower, they had a book club meeting instead.  Ha!
I didn't snap any pictures during the shower, but this is us afterwards.  It was such a beautiful, sweet shower.
That night Bert and I took advantage of free babysitters and a generous gift card to Grays (from Hannah)... a much needed date night!

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