Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Break Comes to an End

a "girl" fort
the cutest little ballerina:-)
E is obsessed with her new robe
These future Volunteers were so proud of their boys for winning their bowl game!
E loves Reese so much!
Just in time for our new insurance to kick in, Caroline took a fall and busted open her chin.  6 stitches in the exact same spot as her sister.

We had tornado warnings one night so we had a family slumber party in the basement.  The girls thought is was so fun.  They can't wait until storms come through again. Ha!
Caroline and Ian love each other!  They sat there talking like this for about 5 minutes.  Caroline rubbed Ian's head the entire time.  So sweet.
Grandma sent Christmas presents!

All smiles in her new outfit from Grandma on the first day back to school.

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